The One with George Stephanopoulos” is the fourth episode of the first season of the NBC television series Friends. The fourth episode of the show overall, it was first broadcast on October 13, 1994 with an estimated 19.7 million viewers. The episode was directed by James Burrows and written by Alexa Junge. The guys go to a hockey game, where Ross (David Schwimmer) gets hit in the face with a hockey puck. The rest of the evening is spent in the ER, where a surly receptionist gets her nose broken when the puck goes flying. Meanwhile, the girls, sparked by celebrations over Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) first paycheck, spy on George Stephanopoulos, then President Clinton’s top aide, which culminates in them seeing Stephanopoulos nude.

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Art from Central Perk

Ross and Monica witnessed an unsuspecting Phoebe out like a light on the Central Perk couch. When she wakes up, it’s revealed that her naughty grandmother -and her even naughtier paramour- kept her awake all night with their untimely shenanigans! She quickly takes up Monica’s offer of ‘crash at my place’ in favor of any more sleepless nights. Then Chandler & Joey burst into Central Perk carrying tickets for Ross to the Rangers vs Penguins hockey game. However, ever so observant Ross notices his friends had three tickets – yet only two dates between them… but then he remembered this day marked his one-year anniversary since “Carol and I consummated our relationship…with sex”. Ross says he wants to pass on going to the game so he can go home and think about his ex wife and her lesbian lover. Chandler and Joey convince Ross to attend the game as long as they buy him a big foam finger. 

In this scene you will notice two pieces of early vintage advertising. Behind Joey You can see a SALADA COFFEE advertisement in the background. It is a 12″ by 13″ porcelain die-cut sign from the 1940’s that weighs around 40lbs. I haven’t ever seen a reproduction of this sign. Originals are listed on eBay all of the time and sell for $1,000-2,000. Click Here to view the current eBay auctions. 

Joey Central Perk Salada Coffee Tin Advertisement
source: Warner Bros. Television
Monica Central Perk Blue Ribbon Coffee Advertising
source: Warner Bros. Television

Behind Monica you can see a vintage 1940’s Blue Ribbon Coffee advertisement. The original measures 19” x27-1/4″ and I have only seen one for sale. HOWEVER there are 12″x8″ reproductions on eBay for sale. Click here to view the current eBay auctions.  

Meanwhile….Rachel was thrilled to receive her first ever paycheck, but the joy quickly faded when she discovered how little remained after taxes. Her friends tried their best to cheer her up by pointing out that it still provided enough money for living expenses and overtly encouraging generous tipping. As they leave for the hockey game, Rachel’s old classmates from Long Island showed up at the coffee shop where she works – Leslie, Joanne and Kiki were ecstatic with surprise upon seeing Rachel in uniform! The four women reunite by hugging each other, screaming, and jumping up and down. Rachel’s old friends are shocked to see her working; Joanne comments on how her waitress’ apron makes her look like she is in a play. Rachel becomes wistful as she notices how heavily pregnant Leslie is, how thin and glamorous Kiki is, and when Joanne reveals that her father has made her a partner in his firm. They all scream excitedly again, and Kiki shows off her huge engagement ring. Phoebe and Monica are slightly startled by this side to Rachel, and they mock her and her old friends.

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The Streets of New York, NY

The guys walk to Madison Square Garden for the hockey game. Ross keeps noticing things that remind him of Carol, and it begins to annoy Joey and Chandler. Ross sees a peach pit on the ground and it reminds him of the time they ate nectarines. Joey says “Hey that woman has an ass like Carol’s” At the game, Ross continues to reminisce. 

FRIENDS super nerds

Christopher & Lacy have been together for over 12 years and got married in LAS VEGAS in 2016.

When Lacy is not watching FRIENDS you can find her dedicating time to The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation or playing with their two rescue Pit Bulls, Roxy Girl and Crouton. Lacy has been a FRIENDS super nerd since day one and has won every FRIENDS TRIVIA contest entered. 

Christopher was introduced to the greatest TV show of all time by his beautiful wife Lacy and enjoys quoting lines from the show, collecting FRIENDS Funko Pops and FRIENDS LEGO sets. When he is not watching friends you can find him either working on his websites or helping auto dealerships set up innovative tech platforms.

Christopher & Lacy Stearns

Lacy's Favorite Episodes
Christopher's Favorite Episodes

Art from Central Perk

Back at Central Perk, Rachel wants to hear all of the dirt. Kiki tells her that the biggest news is everyone is still talking about how she left Barry at the altar. This makes Rachel feel uncomfortable, so Joanne changes the subject and says “Lets talk reality for a second” asking her when she is coming home. Rachel laughs and tries to clarify that she is staying in the city for good. Her friends clearly disapprove, convinced that she would rather be an effortlessly rich Long Island girl back home.

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Art from Monica's Apartment

Monica Phoebe Friends Television TV Show Homemade Pickles
source: Warner Bros. Television

Back at Monica’s apartment, Monica and Phoebe are preparing for their slumber party. Rachel enters, and starts drinking “Tiki Death Punch” straight from the blender after learning that it contains rum.

Behind Phoebe you can see one of our favorite set pieces. The “Homemade 1c Pickles” jar.  

The phone rings and Monica answers it is the credit card company for Rachel. They have noticed some unusual activity on her account, she hasn’t used her card for weeks. This sets Rachel off on a tangent about her low pay and her old friends’ success and happiness. Monica and Phoebe try to her cheer up with no luck. Rachel manages to make them depressed also. Monica eats a bowl of cookie dough and Phoebe drinks “Tiki Death Punch”. Rachel apologizes for bringing them down with her and answers the door as their pizza has arrived. She learns the delivery boy has brought them the wrong pizza, the one that he has brought was meant for George Stephanopoulos. Hearing this, Monica leaps up from the couch and runs to the door. The girls begin to swoon over President Clinton’s gorgeous press secretary.

Behind Monica you will see a wooden picture. This is a lesser known piece. The picture next to the kitchen is a carving by Gil Elvgren titled “A Perfect Pair”. Gil Elvgren (1914-1980) was one of americas most famous Pin-Up artist. While the carving itself is not up for sale, there are prints of this iconic work available online on Amazon. 

Monica Friends Television TV Show Wooden Picture
source: Warner Bros. Television

Homemade 1c Pickles

One of our favorite set pieces can be seen in Monica’s apartment throughout the entire series. The “Homemade 1c Pickles” crockery jar was made by Corona Stoneware. Vintage original jars can be found on eBay. CLICK HERE to view originals on eBay.

Click Here for amazing quality handmade reproductions on Amazon. 

Lacy's Homemade 1c Pickles jar

Yellow Frame and Posters from Monica's Apartment

The pieces in Monica’s apartment do not change much throughout the series and are some of the more well known works. “Aux Buttes Chaumont” Originally an 1896 Parisian advertisement for a department store selling children’s toys and clothes, this poster was prominently featured hanging above the tv in Monica’s apartment. 

The Yellow Picture Frame that can be seen surrounding the peephole throughout the series was a mirror that one of the crew broke and set designer Greg Grande thought it would look great on the door. It is seen in almost every episode. Click here to read the story from set designer Greg Grande.

Another interesting vintage poster next to the door is “Maina La Voyante” (translation Maina the Seer) which is a french magic show advertisement from 1930 by artist Louis Galice (1864-1935).

They take the pizza and head to the balcony with binoculars, hoping to see George. They spy on George with his date. The lights go out and they assume that the couple has gone to have sex. The girls get drunk and start telling secrets. Monica announces that a vegetable pâté that she had once made for Phoebe, a vegetarian, was actually made from goose. Phoebe is disgusted and triumphantly tells Monica that she doesn’t feel bad about sleeping with a guy a couple of hours after he and Monica had broken up. This upsets Monica, but Rachel takes it further by revealing that the valentine that she received from a boy was actually from her. She tells Phoebe that Monica was overweight when they were young. Monica retaliates by announcing that Rachel once peed her pants in seventh grade while she was laughing. Rachel and Monica start squabbling, but Phoebe stops them by spotting George through the binoculars. The girls beg him to drop his towel, and they are very happy when he does.

NY Rangers Hockey Game

Next Scene Ross, Chandler and Joey are getting to their seats. The game begins, and Ross starts to forget about Carol and root vigorously for the Rangers. All three guys are having a great time, until Ross is hit in the face with the hockey puck and they are forced to head to the emergency room.

In the hospital waiting area, Ross waits to be seen. Chandler approaches the snippy receptionist to inform her they have been waiting for over an hour. However, she shuts the glass panel on him. Ross reveals that he actually lost his virginity to Carol and he has only ever been with one woman.

Eventually Ross gets to see a doctor while Joey and Chandler discuss the fact that Ross has only ever been with Carol. Chandler starts off by saying that he thinks it is sweet and romantic, but he then admits that he thinks Ross is a freak. Ross returns to the waiting room with a piece of steel bandaged to his nose. The receptionist looks at him and laughs at how unattractive he looks. Ross wants the hockey puck as a souvenir, but a bratty child in the waiting area has it.

Ross asks to have it back but the kid refuses. Ross tries to grab it but it flies out of his grasp and knocks the receptionist out which finally puts a smile on his face

Ross Friends TV Show Broken Nose Hockey
source: Warner Bros. Television

Back in Monica's apartment

Chandler Friends Television TV Show Yellow Frame Wooden Post
source: Warner Bros. Television

In the final scene of “The one with george stephanopoulos” the group is playing twister when Chandler answers a knock at the door. In this scene you can see the infamous disappearing wooden post.

The credit card company calls Rachel again. When asked about her not using her card in a while.  Rachel tells them that she has not been using it much and she is fine, “I got magic beans” she states.  

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