Art from Friends Episode 2 "The One with the Sonogram at the End"

The One with the Sonogram at the End” is the second episode of the first season of the NBC television series Friends. It was first broadcast on September 29, 1994 with 20.2 million viewers. In this episode, Ross (David Schwimmer) processes his ex-wife Carol’s (Anita Barone), this is the only episode that she plays Carol, pregnancy and supports her as she goes through her first sonogram, though he clashes with Susan (Jessica Hecht) over the name of the baby. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) struggles to balance her emotions as she ends her relationship with Barry (Mitchell Whitfield), and Monica (Courteney Cox) becomes increasingly irate with her parents, eventually spilling the details of Ross’s failed relationship that he failed to mention to them.

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“The one with the sonogram at the end” starts with Carol visiting Ross at the Museum where she tells him she is pregnant. Carol is played by Anita Barone in this episode only. She quit after this episode to pursue a more full time role and was replaced with Jane Sibbett for the rest of the series. Click Here to read the article from

Art from Monica's Apartment

In the next scene Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Monica are back at Monica’s apartment. Chandler, Joey and Phoebe are watching an episode of Three’s Company. Monica is frantically cleaning the apartment for dinner with her parents. This is the first time that Ugly Naked Guy is mentioned in the series. 

The pieces in her apartment do not change much throughout the series and are some of the more well known works. “Aux Buttes Chaumont” Originally an 1896 Parisian advertisement for a department store selling children’s toys and clothes, this poster was prominently featured hanging above the tv in Monica’s apartment. 

The Yellow Picture Frame that can be seen surrounding the peephole of Monica’s door throughout the series was a mirror that one of the crew broke and set designer Greg Grande thought it would look great on the door. It is seen in almost every episode. Click here to read the story from set designer Greg Grande.

Another interesting vintage poster next to Monica’s door is “Maina La Voyante”(translation Maina the Seer) which is a french magic show advertisement from 1930 by artist Louis Galice (1864-1935).

Friends Trivia

For the first 13 episodes of Season 1 the apartment numbers are Chandler/Joey (4) and Monica/Rachel (5). In Season 1 Episode 14, “The One with the Candy Hearts”, aired February 9th 1995, they changed the apartment numbers to Chandler/Joey (19) and Monica/Rachel (20) to show that the apartments are on a higher floor. 

Monica wrong apartment number
source: Warner Bros. Television

Art from Monica's Apartment

In this scene you will notice two pieces that are much harder to find. The wooden picture next to the kitchen is a carving by Gil Elvgren titled “A Perfect Pair”. Gil Elvgren (1914-1980) was one of americas most famous Pin-Up artist. Click here to find original prints of “A Perfect Pair” on eBay.

The poster above the sewing machine is an enlarged playbill from the 1927 play “A Very Wise Virgin” at the historic Bijou Theatre. We haven’t ever been able to find a playbill or reproduction poster but it is such a cool piece we wanted it to be known.

Gil Elvgren "A Perfect Pair" source: Warner Bros. Television
"A Very Wise Virgin" Bijou Theatre 1927

Rachel is hysterically looking for the engagement ring to give back to Barry. Phoebe finds the engagement ring in the freshly baked lasagne meant for the parents. Ross comes over and lets everyone know that Carol is pregnant and that he is going to “A sonogram thing tomorrow”. 

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When Lacy is not watching FRIENDS you can find her dedicating time to The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation or playing with their two rescue Pit Bulls, Roxy Girl and Crouton. Lacy has been a FRIENDS super nerd since day one and has won every FRIENDS TRIVIA contest entered. 

Christopher was introduced to the greatest TV show of all time by his beautiful wife Lacy and enjoys quoting lines from the show, collecting FRIENDS Funko Pops and FRIENDS LEGO sets. When he is not watching friends you can find him either working on his websites or helping auto dealerships set up innovative tech platforms.

Christopher & Lacy Stearns

Lacy's Favorite Episodes
Christopher's Favorite Episodes

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Art from Monica's Apartment

In the next scene Monica and Ross’s parents are in the apartment for dinner. Monica’s mother is being critical of her cooking spaghetti. Monica makes Ross tell the parents about the baby and that Carol and Susan will be raising the baby without him.

In the background you can see one of our favorite set pieces, the “Homemade 1c Pickles” jar. Originals can be found on eBay and handmade reproductions can be found on Amazon. 

Friends episode 2 the one with the sonogram at the end pickle jar

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Fan Created Artwork

One of our favorite set pieces can be seen in Monica’s apartment throughout the entire series. The “Homemade 1c Pickles” crockery jar was made by Corona Stoneware. Vintage original jars can be found on eBay. CLICK HERE to view originals on eBay.

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Lacy's Homemade 1c Pickles jar

Friends Trivia

INTERESTING OBSERVATION: The lamp in Monica’s apartment is different in Episode 1 “The Pilot”. It changes in Episode 2 “The One with the Sonogram at the End”

Episode 1 Lamp. source: Warner Bros. Television
Episode 2 Lamp Changes. source: Warner Bros. Television.

Fan Created ArtWorks

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Art from Central Perk

In the next scene the group is all together in the Central Perk Coffee shop. Monica is venting about how the parents treat her different than Ross. Ross gets up because he “Must Pee” and Phoebe lets the group know that she has a twin. They don’t speak because she is like this “high powered driven career type”. Chandler asks “what does she do” and Phoebe answers “She’s a waitress” LOL. 

When Ross comes out of the bathroom everyone except Rachel is gone. Rachel is preparing to close and Ross offers to help her sweep. Ross offers to take the engagement ring back to Barry and Rachel can go to the sonogram instead. They talk about how back in high school they thought it would be easy to meet someone and fall in love. This scene really sets the tone for how much Ross had and still has a crush on Rachel.

Central Perk has some of the most iconic artwork throughout the series. The art is constantly changing. You can see a SALADA COFFEE advertisement in the background. It is a 12″ by 13″ porcelain die-cut sign from the 1940’s that weighs around 40lbs. I haven’t ever seen a reproduction of this sign. Originals are listed on eBay all of the time and sell for $1,000-2,000. Click Here to view the current eBay auctions. 

source: Warner Bros. Television

Barry's Orthodontist Office

Fast forward to Rachel meeting Barry in his orthodontist office to give him back the ring. Rachel finds out that Barry went to Aruba with Mindy her maid of honor and old best friend. Barry confesses that she was right and they were not happy. 

Ross meets Carol and Susan for the sonogram and start arguing about the upcoming baby’s name. Once the sonogram starts and they hear the baby’s heartbeat they stop arguing. I don’t think anyone wants to display any of the artwork from the OBGYN’s office….

Art from Monica's Apartment

In the last scene of the Episode 2 “The One with the Sonogram at the End” Ross is showing everyone the video of the sonogram and Joey ask “what are we supposed to be seeing here” Chandler responds with “I don’t know but I think its about to attack the Enterprise” and Phoebe says “If you tilt your head to the left and relax your eyes it kind of looks like an old potato”

Rachel wishes Mindy happiness with Barry and that “if everything works out and they have children that she hopes they have his hairline and her old nose.” 

Right before the scene ends you catch a quick glance of “Excelsior La Machine a Coudre Parfaite”. The Excelsior sewing picture from Rachel’s room.  Originally a 1920’s French poster designed by Jean d’Ylen (1886-1938).  

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